Axial destratifiers model SCATTER series:

Air Flow Rate: 8000 : 11000 [m3/h]
Total Pressure : 5 – 10 [mmH2O]
Fan’s Diameter: 800 [mm]

The helical destratifiers mod. Scatter are suitable to distribute during the winter season air volumes in medium and large environments, such as industrial buildings, storage buildings and covered facilities. The main function of this economiser is to ensure a fuel energy saving of more than 20% at low speed, according to the type of roof insulation. Moreover, this advantage is ensured with the device operating at its minimum power. During summer, by applying a speed variator to the electric motor the destratifier can be used instead as simple fan to cool the rooms.


The destratifiers mod. Scatter ha have been designed to niformly distribute the heat in the rooms, so to avoid any heat stratification. The radial conveyor at both sections and the nozzles placed in the lower side ensure a circular air diffusion, so to uniformly diffuse the heat from the top to the bottom. They are assembled with a specifically designed electric motor from Moro to the conveyor and to the supporting net; the application of the uni-directional wheels Moro mod. Highwind has also been also foreseen.


Round ring conveyor, diameter 800 mm, with wide radius, double round edge equipped with circular nozzles. It can be manufactured with carbon steel or stainless steel AISI 304. The motor-bearing safety net is made of carbon steel and is coated with epoxy paint. The high-performance wheel with wing profile is made of plastic material PPG. The balancing is carried out according to the uni iso 1940 standards in force. The standard execution foresees an electric motor with class protection IP 55, insulation C1 F, performance EEF2, service s1, tropicalized, in execution 5.


The conveyors can also be manufactured with diameters lower than 800 mm.

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