Industrial axial fans

Air movement and industrial ventilation

Moro S.r.l. designs and manufactures industrial axial blowers with specifications and configuration suitable for a wide range of market sectors. Executions with materials suitable for industrial, chemical and alimentary environment, also with explosion proof design, according to ATEX directive (2014/34/EU) are available. All products fulfill ErP (2019/125/EC) prescriptions concerning efficiency and energy performances.

Technical Specifications

UNI EN ISO 13349:2011 defines as axial a blower into which a fluid mass enters and exits through impeller along cylindrical and coaxial with impeller rotation axis surfaces.

Design features

Moro S.r.l. axial fans are designed and manufactured to deliver relevant amounts of clean air with low – medium pressures.
Different suggested series differ for dimensional and constructive features, in order to allow use under different working conditions. Directly connected impeller-to-motor and belts and pulley versions are available.

All models are provided with conveyor, impeller and electrical motor.


Conveyor scope is to guide and direct air flow delivered through blower.
To suite all different working conditions, standard version made of painted carbon steel can be replaced by special versions manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum.
In case of special requests, Moro S.r.l. is at customer disposal to evaluate special executions according to design specifications, with dimensional variations or special materials use.


Impeller is the assembly of an aluminum die cast hub and a different number of blades of different materials according to working conditions. In detail:

  • PPG (polypropylene) for working temperatures between -10°C and 90°C
  • PAG (polyamide reinforced with glass fiber) for working temperatures between -40°C and 120°C
  • Aluminum for working temperatures between -60°C and 250°C
  • PAG-AS (antistatic polyamide reinforced with glass fiber) for working temperatures between -40°C and 110°C and sparkproof / expolsionproof executions
  • Fe360 for working temperatures between -40°C and 400°C/2h

According to impeller design, two different configuration of airflow into conveyor can be defined:

  • Type A: Airflow from motor (transmission) to impeller. Transmission element is positioned between inlet section and impeller
  • Type B: Airflow from impeller to motor (transmission). Transmission element is positioned between impeller and inlet section

Impellers, if not differently stated, are balanced statically and dynamically according to ISO1940/1 with balancing degree 6.3


Electrical motor, according to fluid temperature and chemical conditions characteristics, is positioned inside conveyor and is directly connected to impeller or lays outside and allows impeller movement through a monoblock and a pulleys and belts set.
As per project design specifications, single phase or 3 phases versions are available, with standard IEC or special voltage, 50 or 60 Hz frequency.


Reported performance vales on this catalogue refer to atmospherical pressure of 1 bar, 0 m.s.l.m. and 15°C temperature and are obtained as the results of test performed according to ISO5801 (cat. B). If not differently stated, values refer to rotation speeds deriving from 50 Hz supply.
Sound pressure levels refer to blower laying in free field, with ducted inlet and outlet and are obtained as the result of measures taken at a distance equal to 3 times of impeller diameter.

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