Moro Srl, which was established in 1983, has over the years become a reliable name due to its professionalism and is known in Italy and world-wide for its design and manufacture of a wide range of high-quality industrial fans and extractors which meet all of the market’s demands.

The success the Company has achieved in a highly competitive market stems from:

  • The teamwork of its enthusiastic and highly professional staff who have worked at the Company for many years. They put their expertise at the group’s disposal and create synergies between the Company’s internal and external resources;
  • Innovation, which interprets and anticipates the needs of a continuously evolving market;
  • The ability to provide services which support the customer in choosing their fans or that best resolve the most diverse problems in the aeraulic field.

Moro S.r.l.’s core strategic approach is aimed at continuous improvement, and is built on the following principles:

  • Maintaining and improving a corporate image that allows the development of products and services with diligence and punctuality through interactive processes that are easy to perform using the available technologies for design, communication and internal and external information;
  • Procurement from suppliers considered as an essential link in the production chain, involved in the improvement program and having the ability to meet the best quality of products and services in compliance with the directives and laws in force on safety and quality standards.
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RATING 1: Cribis D&B, world leader in the business information sector, awards to Moro S.r.l. the highest degree of economic and financial reliability.

Here are some of the products that we offer to our customers:

For more information about our industrial fans and blowers, call us at: +39 0362 556050, or contact us via the Contact area to request a free quote and you will be contacted by our staff as soon as possible.