Centrifugal Fans

Industrial Ventilation Systems

La Moro S.r.l. produces a wide range of industrial centrifugal fans that meet the needs of various industrial sectors.
In 2003, the company also started manufacturing fans in compliance with Directive 94/9/EC replaced with the new Directive 2014/34 /EU (ATEX), which are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

In fact, in our catalogue you will find fans with different flow rates and pressures that are suitable for moving clean air, very dusty air, smoke, fumes and flammable gases.

The majority of fans produced by Moro S.r.l. are also available in a driven version with V-belts and pulleys (setting 9 or 12) or with an elastic coupling joint between the drive shaft and impeller (setting 8).

Centrifugal fans are divided into various categories based on the volumes of air they can move and the pressure they can generate.

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