Roof exhaust fans

These fans use impellers similar to those of low pressure centrifugal fans and therefore with backward curved blades (negative) characterized by a high ratio between the height of the blade and the external diameter of the impeller itself.

Our qualified and experienced engineers are able to design extraction towers, used in civil and industrial buildings to suck large volumes of air with low pressures.

Characteristics of roof exhaust fan

Roof exhaust fans can be mounted directly on the roof of the building, both with free suction and connected to flues and are equipped with anti-intrusion networks.

The standard galvanized steel construction and the fiberglass protection dome guarantee the perfect protection against atmospheric agents.

Moro Srl is able to supply Roof exhaust fans (MGV series) made entirely of stainless steel able to withstand even in corrosive environments and at high temperatures.

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MTF 260 Series

The new draft activator for chimneys of MTF 260 series, represents the latest innovation by MORO in the field of ventilation.
The draft activator MTF 260 MORO is an extremely silent centrifugal fan which is fitted to the top of the chimney flue; it guarantees perfect extraction even in the most difficult weather conditions, extracting smoke at very high temperstures (200°) and undesirable fumes.
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Vertical Discharge Centrifugal Roof Fans in Stainless Steel

Vertical Outlet Roof Top In Stainless Steel MGV Series

The MGV series of our vertical discharge centrifugal roof fans, are designed to allow air to be extracted when corrosive smoke and fumes are present.

They are mainly used in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries but also in industries where potentially aggressive fluids need to be extracted.

They are centrifugal roof fans made of stainless steel (AISI304 or AISI316L) which ensures that all metal parts are resistant to any potential corrosion. Furthermore, their anti-intrusion devices, rain shields and gravity shutters, make the product weather resistant and suitable for outdoor installation.

The use of a heat sink, which is interposed between the impeller and the motor, allows fluids to move with maximum temperatures of 150°C.

Upon request, the MGV series products are available with a explosion-proof construction, according to the requirements of Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX).

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